Years of research have gone into ensuring the quality of our leather. Unlike many boot manufacturers, we use full grain cow leather, cut straight from the hide. Our leather is thick, soft, flexible and long lasting. We believe that our leather is the best quality available.

Most factory-made boots are made from bonded or split grain leather. If you buy a pair of boots in a department store or shoe shop it is likely they will be made from this style of leather - highly treated, bonded fibre, polished, and broken down to have a smoother and more consistent finish. Factory-made boots are often made from scraps and small offcuts of leather bonded together.

This style of leather is much cheaper and while it has a more consistent finish, it is not long lasting and does not have the integrity of our beautiful full grain leather.

Full grain leather warms and moulds to the shape of your foot and leg. It ages beautifully and softens and becomes more supple over time. We love these qualities in our leather and we are committed to continue to use unprocessed full grain leather for our boots.

We also have a commitment to ensuring the quality of our leather. You may find your boots have small textural inconsistencies or slight imperfections. This is because it is real full grain leather cut straight from the hide and we are very proud to be able to offer this quality to you.

Our lining

Our lining is soft and warm, and is made from a brushed natural fibre. It is comfortable, wears well, resists sweat and stains and makes your boots feel like heaven to wear.