Children’s Hope in Action (CHIA) is a grass roots Australian charity based in Hoi An, central Vietnam to especially care for children from some of the poorest families in the greater Hoi An area and neighbouring Duy Xuyen district.Vietnam is an increasingly popular tourist destination, but behind the tourist façade there is much poverty with many families CHIA assists barely surviving on $1 a day.

CHIA develops tailored assistance plans, or Care Packages, to families on a needs basis to provide the best possible outcome for all family members. Support can range from medical and surgical intervention to providing a bike to enable a child to stay in school. This holistic approach recognises access to quality health and education services are vital for long term family and community development and should be the right of every child, regardless of family income.

Through your purchase, you’re helping Boots for Broads to support CHIA continue their life-saving work in Vietnam. In this way we can give something back to the people of this beautiful country.

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