Boot Sizes

Follow our simple two-step sizing process


Choose your Australian or European shoe size from the chart. All our boots are a C size width.


Take ankle and calf measurements using a soft measuring tape. Measure both legs, as there is often a slight difference between the two. It is easier to have a friend do the measurements for you. Our video shows the correct measuring technique.

  • Ankle 1 (diagonal) – place one end of the tape under the back of the heel and take it around the top of the ankle and back down to the heel.
  • Ankle 2 (around) – measure around the smallest part of the ankle (above the ankle bones)
  • Calf – measure around the widest part of the calf

Look along the line of the chart for your shoe size, to find your preferred leg size (BB1, BB2, BB3 or BB4). For example — if your shoe size is 8, your ankle (diagonal measurement) is 32cm, your ankle (around measurement) is 25cm and your calf measurement is 48cm, your preferred size would be 8BB2.

Boot Size Chart

Shoe Size BB1 BB2 BB3 BB4
AU EU Ankle 1 Ankle 2 Calf 1 Ankle 1 Ankle 2 Calf 1 Ankle 1 Ankle 2 Calf 1 Ankle 1 Ankle 2 Calf 1
6 37 30cm 21-24cm 42cm 30cm 21.5-24.5cm 46cm 31cm 22.5-25.5cm 49cm 32cm 23.5-27cm 53cm
7 38 31cm 21.5-24.5cm 43cm 31.5cm 22.5-25.5cm 47cm 32cm 23.5-27cm 50cm 32.5cm 24-28cm 54cm
8 39 32cm 22.5-25.5cm 44cm 32.5cm 23.5-27cm 48cm 33cm 24-28cm 51cm 33cm 25-29cm 55cm
9 40 33cm 23.5-27cm 45cm 33cm 24-28cm 49cm 34cm 25-29cm 52cm 34cm 26-30cm 56cm
10 41 34cm 24-28cm 46cm 34cm 25-29cm 50cm 35cm 26-30cm 53cm 35cm 27-31cm 57cm
11 42 35cm 25-29cm 47cm 35cm 26-30cm 51cm 36cm 27-31cm 54cm 36cm 28-32cm 58cm
12 43 36cm 26-30cm 48cm 36cm 27-31cm 52cm 37cm 28-32cm 55cm 37cm 29-33cm 59cm