Getting your new boots to fit

23 Jan , 2013

Some of the styles of boot can feel tight when you first put them on. If your new boots don’t fit at first, don’t panic! Here are some tips to help you get them to fit. The leather will mould to the shape of your legs as you wear the boots, so boots that feel tight at first will fit you much better in the long run.

If your boots feel tight around the biggest part of your calf, pull upwards on the boots on each side of the zip and pull the zip up slowly and carefully. You might need some help the first time!

Zip your boots up as far as they will go, wear them around for a few minutes allowing the leather to stretch, then zip them up a bit further and so on until they are all the way up. Once they are up wear them for a few hours and they should fit from then on with no problems.

Put the boot on your foot, then push the leg of the boot down, zip them up and then pull them up: if you have only a small gap that you can’t zip up then push them down to the your ankle, zip them up then pull then up over the widest part. Depending on the gap it may take a little while for the boots to stretch enough to get over the calf but once they have stretched you will be able to put them on easily.

Try your boots on in the morning, when your legs are likely to be the slimmest. Once you’ve got them on, your boots will expand and retract with your legs and you should have no problem getting them on.

All these tips can only stretch boots within the boundaries of the leather, depending on the style and shape of the boot. If you try these tips and the boots still don’t fit, give us a call. We want you to be happy with your boots.